23 June 2016 – Conference: Real impact through timber purchasing policies
A European networking event

Real impact through timber purchasing policies, A European networking event

STPP – it’s the only game in town!
Stéphane Glannaz (Chief Commercial Officer Precious Woods and STTC participant)

Promoting legal and sustainable timber: The role of public procurement policy
Duncan Brack (Researcher and Chatham House associate)

EU Framework on Timber and Timber Procurement
Robert Kaukewitsch (EU Policy Officer Green Public Procurement)

Sustainable timber procurement in the Netherlands
Maja Valstar (Ministry of Infrastructure and the Environment), Paul van den Heuvel (Netherlands Timber Trade Association), Léon Dijk and Bill Sahetapy Engel (City of Rotterdam)

How to meet STPPs, a market perspective
Peter Gijsen (Royal BAM Group and STTC participant)

STTC – opportunities for the private sector (Presentation and Key insights)
André de Boer (STTC) and Eric Boilley (Le Commerce du Bois and STTC participant)

STTC – opportunities for the public sector (Presentation and Key insights)
Mark van Benthem (STTC)

Financial instruments (Presentation and Key insights)
Geert Bergsma (Manager supply chain analysis CE Delft)

How to design and implement STPPs on policy level (Presentation and Key insights)
Ulrich Bick (Thünen-Institute)

The image of tropical timber (Presentation and Key insights)
Nils Olaf Petersen (GD Holz and STTC participant)

The status of STPPs and contracts (Presentation and Key insights)
Peter Defranceschi (ICLEI )

What will I do to make a change

Reflections, insights and recommendations

Article: Use it or lose it, Timmer Fabrikant | nr 7/8 | 2016 | jaargang 66