Sustainably managed forests as part of the solution to climate change: recognizing the value of certified forests and ecosystem services

18 November 2021 – Conference

The European timber sector requires a combination of actions to reach sustainability and to mitigate climate change, by combatting illegal tropical timber trade and tropical deforestation. These actions also lead to strengthened cooperation and partnerships between the public, the private sector, and demand and supply-side stakeholders. Further demand-side legislation is however needed, to ensure that EU commodity supply chains are deforestation-free and that EU consumption is transparently sustainable.

The 2021 European Sustainable Tropical Timber Coalition (STTC) and Fair&Precious (F&P) Conference will therefore be centered around two themes:

  • The impacts of EU tropical timber imports and forest certification on climate change
  • The landscape approach and ecosystem services

The conference will include presentations, question and answer sessions, delegate thematic sessions, and panel discussions.

Participants and speakers

This STTC and Fair&Precious Conference gathers Coalition partners and participants, trade federations, timber traders, concession holders, policy makers, NGOs and other stakeholders. More information regarding the speakers will follow soon.