88 wooden framed houses Floriande Eiland 7

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Location Meanderplein 1, 5271 GC SintMichielsgestel, the Netherlands
Date of complation 2007
Wood species louro vermelho (red louro), angelim/sapupira amarela (angelim pedra) and tatajuba
Certificate FSC
Country / Region of Origin Brazil
Application Doors, door frames, windows and window frames (all both indoor and outdoor) and siding
Additional information -louro vermelho has been stained twice and used as siding.
-angelim/sapupira amarela (angelim pedra) was used for the door and window frames outdoors and the for the doors.
-tatajuba was used for the window frames indoors and the wooden finishing indoors.


Company name Precious Woods Holding
Contact person Ruud Lourier
Address Untermüli 6 CH-6300 Zug
Country Switzerland
Telephone no +31 (0)6-53269598
E-mail ruud.lourier@preciouswoods.nl
Website www.preciouswoods.com
Chain of Custody certifcate no. CU-COC-008517


Reference project: applications of timber in civil engineering, residential and commercial construction, edition October 2014
Part of the database ‘Wood species for residential construction, commercial construction and civil engineering’ created by Probos en Centrum Hout. www.houtdatabase.nl

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