Coastal area between De Haan en Wenduine

Short summary

Location Coastal area between De Haan en Wenduine, Wenduine, Belgium
Date of complation January 2014
Wood species azobé (ekki), okan and tali (missanda)
Certificate FSC
Application Boardwalks and banisters (tali), construction (azobé) and retaining walls (okan)
Additional information Azobé and okan are used for the main loadbearing
construction of the stairs and for
the retaining walls. Tali is used for the
staircases and banisters.


Company name Quintelier
Address Hoogveld 27
9200 Dendermonde
Country Belgium
Telephone no +32 (0)52-225080
Chain of Custody certifcate no. CU-COC-020185


Reference project: applications of timber in civil engineering, residential and commercial construction, edition October 2014
Part of the database ‘Wood species for residential construction, commercial construction and civil engineering’ created by Probos en Centrum Hout.

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