LCA-centred promotion

Dutch timber companies are developing a new promotional strategy for use of sustainably sourced tropical hardwood in civil works after the material scored highly in life cycle analysis projects, supported by the STTC.

The LCA study on marine pile planking was coordinated by Netherlands Timber Trade Association’s (NTTA) Centrum Hout operation, with additional backing from FSC Netherlands. The LCA itself was performed by Ernst &Young Climate Change and Sustainability Services (EY CaS), and independently verified by the LCA department at Stichting Houtresearch (SHR)

This compared performance of sustainably sourced timber marine pile planking versus plastic alternatives. The sustainably sourced tropical wood came out the best in carbon performance and overall environmental impact .

Similar results came out of a Dutch government-commissioned LCA project, evaluating the use of sustainably sourced tropical timber, concrete, steel and reinforced composites in cycle bridges.

Subsequently a group of 12 NTTA member companies plan to use these outcomes in a programme of sustainable tropical timber promotion. The new campaign will target civil engineers, and address sustainable tropical timber’s environmental benefits in relation to climate change mitigation, renewability and low environmental impacts. It will also highlight its technical, design and maintenance performance.

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