25 October 2018– Conference: Using data to drive market share

Renovation sea dyke Oostende/Rénovation de la digue d’Ostende (photo: Gebroeders van Huele NV)

A line-up of speakers from across the international wood sector have gathered in Paris for the 2018 European Sustainable Tropical Timber Coalition (STTC) Conference to address the vital role of accurate trade information in growing tropical timber sales.

The premise of the Conference was that reliable data is the key to shaping marketing strategy, enhancing transparency and unlocking market share in any business, but that currently the quality of intelligence around the European tropical timber sector needs improvement. Speakers and delegates have shared their ideas and opinions on actions needed to achieve this.

The subsequent conference report provides an overview of the various sessions, as well as insights and discussions that transpired during the event. An overview of STTC flagship projects is also part of the conference report.

Download the Conference Report