25 October 2018– Conference: Using data to drive market share

Renovation sea dyke Oostende/Rénovation de la digue d’Ostende (photo: Gebroeders van Huele NV)


A line-up of speakers from across the international wood sector have gathered in Paris for the 2018 European Sustainable Tropical Timber Coalition (STTC) Conference to address the vital role of accurate trade information in growing tropical timber sales.

The premise of the Conference was that reliable data is the key to shaping marketing strategy, enhancing transparency and unlocking market share in any business, but that currently the quality of intelligence around the European tropical timber sector needs improvement. Speakers and delegates have shared their ideas and opinions on actions needed to achieve this.

The subsequent conference report provides an overview of the various sessions, as well as insights and discussions that transpired during the event. An overview of STTC flagship projects is also part of the conference report.

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In today’s world, reliable data is the key to unlocking market share in any business – and the market for verified sustainable timber is no exception. Good data helps identify the best market areas and segments to target efforts to grow share and has the potential to increase overall transparency and trust in tropical timber. But, while there is general agreement that the European timber sector’s shift to sustainability must be data driven, right now we don’t have the high quality intelligence needed to determine the action required to generate market momentum.

That’s why the 2018 European Sustainable Tropical Timber Coalition (STTC) Conference will be centered around the theme of market intelligence and increasing the sustainable tropical timber market share. Take part and you’ll share and learn from the experience of companies, trade federations, governments and NGOs in both gathering data and using it to grow the market for verified sustainable tropical timber uptake. You’ll also hear inspiring stories from the STTC participants’ latest activities.

The STTC conference will also link to the ATIBT celebration of the first anniversary of the Fair and Precious communication program at the same venue on October 24. This communication program aims to give more visibility to the FSC® and PEFC certification schemes. Both events will also be excellent opportunities to network with buyers, suppliers and specifiers.

Learn about

  • The impact of the STTC so far and future plans;
  • Why market intelligence is critical to driving the tropical timber market;
  • Inspiring actions for increasing verified sustainable tropical timber market share;
  • How to establish collaboration with market partners.

Participants and speakers
The conference will gather STTC partners and participants, representatives of the public sector, timber trade federations, timber traders, NGOs and other stakeholders.

The conference will be held in the Tropical Garden in Paris.

Programme 24 Oct

Prior to the STTC conference, delegates can join a ATIBT  and Le Commerce du Bois organised tour to interesting construction applications and other uses of tropical timber in the city.

The tour will end with the first anniversary celebration of the Fair and Precious communication program of ATIBT. This communication program aims to give more visibility to the FSC® and PEFC certification schemes. The programme will close with drinks.


14:00-14:15 Gather at 2 Place de la Porte d’Auteuil, 75016 Paris (Note: this is a new address and time)

14:15-18.00 Imperial bus tour with several stops around Paris at prominent buildings where verified sustainable tropical timber is used and meet associated architects

18:30-21.30 Drinks reception to mark the first anniversary of the Fair&Precious tropical timber marketing initiative at a stylish boat in the Seine. ‘Le Kisoque Flottant‘, 85 Quai de la Gare, 75013 PARIS

Below you find some illustrations of buildings which will be visited and the location of the Fair and Precious celebration.

Arc de Triomphe – Fouquet’s – Bibliothèque François Mitterrand – Boat for the Fair&Precious event

Programme 25 Oct

The conference focuses on data collection. There will be sessions on why data collection is important, how data can be collected and how to create support for data collection. Next to this, an update on the STTC will be part of the day. The conference will be under the expert guidance of moderator Peter Woodward of Quest Associates.

time slottopic
9.00Welcome and registration
9.30Opening by Emmanuel Fourmann (Agence Française de Développement), Daan Wensing (IDH) and Robert Hunink (ATIBT)
9.50Agenda, process and introductions
9.55Session 1 - STTC Impact update
Pitches of 4 STTC flag ship projects by ATIBT, Le Commerce du Bois, PEFC International and FSC Europe
11.15Session 2 - The data collection imperative
Opening speech on the importance of data collection by Sarah Storck (IMM Lead Consultant)
Why collect data? Presentations by 3 organisations/companies on how they use data in policy plans and decision making to boost the market share of verified sustainable timber: Mark van Benthem (Probos), David Hopkins (UK Timber Trade Federation), Delphine Boutaud (SNCF)
Panel discussion
12.20Introduction afternoon programme
13.25Session 3 - Data gathering experience
Introduction by Rupert Oliver (IMM trade specialist)
Three rounds of table discussions to exchange experiences and best practices
Discussion leaders: Alberto Romero (AEIM), André de Boer (ETTF), Arnaud Hétroit (Le Commerce du Bois), David Hopkins (TTF UK), Dries Van der Heyden (Bos+), Julia Kozlik (PEFC international), Mark van Benthem / Jan Oldenburger (Probos), Aurélien Sautière (FSC France), Paul-Emmanuel Huet (PEFC France), Rupert Oliver (IMM trade analyst)
15.30Session 4 - Making progress at (inter)national level
Table discussion per country: an opportunity for participants from a.o. the same nation to collaborate on next steps for using data to enhance market share
How can we set up international collaboration? Introduction of the EU Sustainable Tropical Timber Market Data project by George White (Global Timber Forum)
Discussion and feedback to plenary
16.40Session 5 - Roadmap STTC
Presentation focus points 2018-2020 by Nienke Stam (IDH)
Discussion and feedback
17.15Closing by Jean-Manuel Bluet (Alliance for the Preservation of Forests)
Invitation for drinks and bites

The conference will be held in the Tropical Garden in Paris in Pavillon Indochine

Address: 45 bis, Avenue de la Belle Gabrielle, 94130 Nogent Sur Marne, France

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Translation French / English available during the conference.


Dans le monde d’aujourd’hui, disposer de données fiables est la clé pour débloquer des parts de marché dans toute entreprise – et le marché du bois durable vérifié ne fait pas exception. De bonnes données permettent d’identifier les meilleures zones et segments de marché afin de cibler les efforts visant à accroître les parts de marché et ont le potentiel d’accroître la transparence globale et la confiance dans les bois tropicaux. Cependant, s’il est généralement admis que le passage du secteur européen du bois à la durabilité doit être axé sur des données fiables, nous ne disposons pas à l’heure actuelle des informations de qualité suffisante pour déterminer les actions nécessaires à générer une dynamique de marché.

C’est pourquoi la Conférence 2018 de la Coalition Européenne pour le Bois Tropical (STTC) sera centrée sur le thème de l’intelligence du marché en lien avec l’augmentation de la part de marché des bois tropicaux durables. Participez, partagez et apprenez de l’expérience des entreprises, des fédérations professionnelles, des gouvernements et des ONG à la fois pour la collecte des données et leur utilisation pour développer le marché des bois tropicaux durables. Vous entendrez également des histoires inspirantes des dernières activités des participants au STTC.

La conférence STTC sera également liée à la célébration ATIBT du premier anniversaire du programme de communication Fair and Precious au même endroit le 24 octobre. Ce programme de communication vise à donner plus de visibilité aux programmes de certification FSC® et PEFC. Les deux événements seront également d’excellentes occasions de réseauter avec les acheteurs, les fournisseurs et les prescripteurs.

Learn about

  • L’impact du STTC jusqu’à présent et les plans futurs;
  • Pourquoi l’intelligence du marché est essentielle à la conduite du marché des bois tropicaux?
  • Les actions inspirantes pour augmenter la part de marché des bois tropicaux durables vérifiés;
  • Comment établir une collaboration avec les partenaires du marché.

Participants et speakers
La conférence réunira des partenaires et des participants du STTC, des représentants du secteur public, des fédérations du commerce du bois, des négociants en bois, des ONG et d’autres parties prenantes.

Sur le plan pratique
La conférence se tiendra au Jardin Tropical de Paris.