Fair&Precious website gets an impactful makeover

The Fair&Precious (F&P) website has been redesigned and relaunched, featuring sections targeting specific tropical timber consumers, specifiers and market influencers and new videos on the multiple benefits of using certified sustainable tropical material.

The promotional campaign, launched by ATIBT in 2016, now prominently flags up on its home page that it is working closely in collaboration with the STTC on verified sustainable tropical timber market development.

Under its ‘You are’ section, the new site also tailors its campaign messaging to five key market groups; private consumers, industry professionals, distributors, public bodies and journalists.

The private consumer page, for instance, highlights how sustainable forest management preserves habitats, flora and fauna, creates livelihoods, supports the well-being of local communities, delivers climate benefits and helps deter forest conversion.

“Buying FSC, or PEFC-PAFC certified timber helps to encourage a sustainable industry, and means buying an exceptional natural material with unmatched ecological impact,” it says.

The site also includes an impactfully revised presentation of the 10 commitments of F&P campaign supporters on sustainable, and socially responsible tropical timber sourcing.

The press area and media library provide a wide range of articles and publications on F&P, its campaign and sourcing and using tropical timber from certified sustainably managed forests.

The professionally produced 40-second videos give a concise commentary on the values and approach to forestry of F&P forest managers. These focus on their contribution to combating wildlife poaching, provision of healthcare, education and access to housing for families in forest areas and contribution to socio-economic benefit.

They also look at the technical performance, aesthetics, design potential and multiple uses of tropical timber, from decking to railway sleepers.

All the videos conclude with the catchline ‘Certified African wood – much more than just wood’.

In addition the website provides contact information for visitors who want to know more and links for the joint STTC and F&P newsletter and becoming an F&P member.