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Sustainable procurement funding project gathers pace

Interest in the European Sustainable Tropical Timber Coalition’s (STTC) funding programme is growing among industry Federations, timber companies and local authorities across Europe. The STTC announced earlier this year that it had over €1 million to allocate for the establishment of sustainable timber procurement policy, code of conduct and project action plans that matched its […]

Italians raise public procurement certified threshold

Italy’s timber sector is identifying positives in the country’s new law ruling that at least 50% of wood products procured by government for public projects are certified legal and sustainable, or recycled. The regulation was passed at the end of 2015 and came into effect earlier this year. Its full title is ‘Environmental Provision to […]

Certified wood wins in pile planking environmental analysis

The consequences could be serious if specifiers and customers don’t effectively assess the environmental impact of materials for use in marine civil engineering projects.  That’s the conclusion of new life cycle analysis of pile planking commissioned from EY Climate Change and Sustainability Services by the Royal Netherlands Timber Trade Association (NTTA)/ Centrum Hout and FSC […]

A quarter of Indonesian forest set for certification

With its support, The Borneo Initiative (TBI) expects Indonesia to have achieved FSC® certification of 25% of its actively managed forests by the end of 2017. That, says the European Sustainable Tropical Timber Coalition (STTC), will not just be a major achievement in itself. It will also spell a significant increase in availability of certified […]

STTC Conference – participation and practical value

The free-of-charge European Sustainable Tropical Timber Coalition (STTC) Conference promises real value. It will tackle a range of live timber industry issues around sustainable procurement policy implementation and building market awareness and demand for sustainably sourced tropical wood products. And it will also provide an excellent opportunity to network widely on these issues. Registration for […]

Go ahead for Suriname lesser-known species project

Phase one of a potentially impactful project to develop European demand for lesser known certified sustainable timber species (LKTS) from Suriname has been approved for co-funding by the European STTC. The project team is now calling on importers to join the project. The initiative is a collaborative effort between the European Timber Trade Federation and […]

ATIBT backs STTC as partner

The International Tropical Timber Technical Association (ATIBT) has joined the STTC as Partner. The ATIBT’s core role is to support development of international trade in tropical timber, both as a viable business, and a means of helping maintain the tropical forest and the habitats and biodiversity it supports. André de Boer, Secretary General of the […]

PEFC is latest STTC partner and proposes activities

The PEFC is the latest leading timber and forestry sector organisation to join the European Sustainable Tropical Timber Coalition (STTC) as a Partner. Now the two bodies are discussing a project aimed at freeing up trade flows to Europe of increasing volumes of certified timber coming on stream in Asia. PEFC is one of the […]

New energy to drive EU sustainably sourced tropical timber market

The European Sustainable Tropical Timber Coalition (STTC) is moving to the next stage of its programme to boost EU sales of certified tropical timber. The new phase involves closer strategic partnership with the European Timber Trade Federation (ETTF), re-energised communications and membership drives and, critically, a funding initiative to back private and public sector Action […]

ETTF opens international trade gateway

“Supporting growth, transparency and diversification of international timber trade.” That’s the welcome line of the new Gateway to International Timber Trade, the European Timber Trade Federation’s new online timber sector legislation and industry information website. Launched on January 7, www.timbertradeportal.com is a ‘one-stop information point’ for timber industry regulation and broad trade and business data […]