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Partners promise new insights into sustainable tropical timber trade

The new STTC-backed study of sustainable tropical timber flows into the EU involves a consortium of lead bodies experienced in monitoring the sector and, using new methodologies, promises key new insights into the trade. The goal is greater transparency and more accurate data to aid EU sustainable tropical timber market analysis and better targeting of […]

Harnessing SDG’s to promote sustainable tropical timber

Worldwide business, government and other entities are looking to demonstrate their environmental commitment by aligning corporate social responsibility,  purchasing and other policy with UN Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). The aim of FSC’s new STTC-backed project- ‘Together we are FSC’, to be launched fully in 2019- is to harness this trend and better illustrate the wider […]

Taking the sustainability message across the supply chain

Digital promotion and marketing toolkits and architectural and vocational school student outreach are just latest developments in the comprehensive programme of verified sustainable tropical timber market education and promotion Le Commerce du Bois (LCB) has undertaken with support and input from the STTC.  The French timber trade federation’s goal, Communication Manager Jessica Tholon told the […]

FSC backs Gabon certification programme to boost timber demand

The FSC says it was not consulted by the Gabon authorities on their decision to make its certification scheme compulsory for forest concession holders in the country. However, it said it ‘strongly supported the ambition shown by the government’ and would back Gabonese forest managers in meeting FSC standards. The consensus of a Forestry Sector […]

Taking the sustainable timber message to EcoProcura

The beneficial impacts of using sustainably sourced tropical timber were news to some delegates at the latest EcoProcura Conference in Nijmegen, according to FSC Netherlands. The EcoProcura event promotes exchange and dialogue among purchasers from government, plus suppliers and other policy makers on strategies and solutions for sustainable and innovative procurement. This year’s event attracted […]

Nordic Ecolabelling scheme to review tropical criteria

After persistent lobbying, the criteria of the Nordic Ecolabel scheme, described by critics as a ‘de facto ban’ on sale of tropical timber, are now set to be reviewed. But those pressing for change are still urging more industry stakeholders to join with them in calling for revision of the scheme. New criteria on tropical […]

Press release: Data collection and coordination key to unlocking sustainable tropical timber market growth

European Sustainable Tropical Timber Coalition Conference The bold ambition of the Sustainable Tropical Timber Coalition is to see an increase in sustainably sourced material’s share of European tropical timber sales from today’s 30% to 50% in 2020. This in turn, it maintains, will be a significant driver for further spread of sustainable forest management in […]

Data key to tropical timber market share growth – STTC Conference 2018

A line-up of speakers from across the international wood sector will gather in Paris for the 2018 European Sustainable Tropical Timber Coalition (STTC) Conference to address the vital role of accurate trade information in growing tropical timber sales. The free event, ‘Using data to drive market share’, takes place on October 25 in Paris at […]

Certified timber grows Belgian market share

A new report shows a strong rise in certified timber’s share of the Belgian primary wood market between 2012 and 2016. At the same time, the study points to room for further improvement. It says more action is needed from industry and government to drive market share higher, notably in tropical timber and temperate hardwood. […]