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STTC site develops as sustainable tropical timber hub

The Sustainable Tropical Timber Coalition has relaunched its website, www.europeansttc.com, developing its role as an information hub on sustainable timber procurement and the benefits it delivers in underpinning sustainable tropical forest management. The revised STTC site sets out its objectives to increase EU demand for verified sustainable tropical  timber through communicating its technical and environmental […]

STTC conference delivers tropical timber rallying call

A new survey of leading importers’ views on growing the EU market for tropical timber will be unveiled at the Sustainable Tropical Timber Coalition (STTC) annual conference in Berlin. Key findings from the survey, undertaken by forest and timber sustainability analysts and advisors Probos, will be presented and delegates invited to discuss and share their […]

Certified SFM preserves biodiversity

Latest research has shown that certified sustainable forest management, including low impact logging, supports habitat preservation and richness and diversity of wildlife. The WWF study was conducted in the Peruvian Amazon and the results published in Remote Sensing in Ecology and Conservation journal, which is produced by educational services provider Wiley and the Zoological Society […]

Obstacles in sourcing certified tropical timber

Over 90% of all wood imported by the members of the Netherlands Timber Trade Association (VVNH) is from verified sustainable forest. However the proportion of certified material in their tropical timber imports declined in 2018. These are among the findings of the annual trade report covering VVNH’s 216 members by forest and timber sustainability analysts […]

EU commits to boost global forest protection effort

The EU has pledged to support spread of sustainable, biodiverse forest coverage worldwide. In July the European Commission adopted the EU Communication ‘Stepping up EU Action to Protect and Restore the World’s Forests’. The STTC welcomed the new development as in line with its objective to grow the EU market for verified sustainable tropical timber. […]

22-25 October 2019 – ATIBT forum: cooperation key to green supply chains

Development of international cooperation and partnerships is vital to ensure the sustainability of forests, promote their development as a key instrument in combating climate change, and build their capacity to meet growing wood consumption. That is a core theme of the Towards Global Green Supply Chains Forum in Shanghai, highlighted in latest news on the […]

Shanghai International Forum focuses on tropical timber’s future – challenges and opportunities

Growing worldwide timber demand, combating deforestation and the need to move to a bio-based, de-carbonised global economy are among topics in focus at the International Tropical Timber Technical Association (ATIBT) International Forum in Shanghai. The event is titled Together Towards Global Green Supply Chains and takes place from October 22 to 23. It is being […]

Technical and communications synergies for tropical timber

This is the first joint newsletter from the Sustainable Tropical Timber Coalition and the Fair&Precious marketing initiative from ATIBT (International Technical Association for Tropical Timber). It follows their agreement last year to cooperate and to reinforce their individual strengths and objectives. The two organisations see their roles and strategies as ‘deeply complementary’. Operating in tandem, […]

EU risks missing sustainable sourcing targets

Europe is still contributing to deforestation through trade in ‘forest risk’ commodities. According to a report from IDH, The Sustainable Trade Initiative, large-scale EU imports of tropical timber, soy, palm oil and cocoa continue to result in forest destruction and degradation and the consequent environmental damage. Titled The Data Speaks, the report says that businesses […]

Bringing tropical timber on board with Amsterdam Declaration

EU-wide action to ensure import of 100% sustainably sourced forest commodities, including tropical timber, was the topic of a special Sustainable Tropical Timber Event organised by IDH,The Sustainable Trade Initiative and the STTC. Preliminary findings of the new market report on verified sustainable tropical timber imports were presented, concluding that 25-32% of tropical timer imported […]